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How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

The answer to the question how long do eye lash extensions last in found both in the types and the kind of care given.

If you have gone for temporary lash extensions, expect them to last for a day. However, if you went for semi-permanent brands such as Eyelash Extension Alluring Silk Lashes C Curl .25 X 8-15mm 8 Sizes in 1 Mixed Tray, they might last for several days to months or until your eyelash fall off naturally.

However, depending on the salon where you went for you lash extensions, the exact or recommended durations varies. Some professionals might recommend going for a touch up after 3 weeks just to replace those, which have fallen off naturally in the case of an eyelash that has grown old and fallen, and a new one has grown or the adhesive bond has been weakened.

Generally, how long eyelash extensions last is dependent on your lifestyle and after care. Things like weathers (extreme coldness, heat or humidity), the number of times you swim and so on will affect duration. Let your Lash technician advice you after how long can you go for refill after elaborating to him on your lifestyle. We hope this answers you concern on how long these extensions will last.


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