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Eyelash Extensions After Care

After you have gone for procedure and you want your eyelash extensions to last for long, there are eyelash extensions after care step and procedures you should adhere to. This will further give you answers to how long do they last you had above. So what are you expected to do if you want them to last long or what are the important after care guidelines should you follow?

  • Avoid wetting your eyelashes for 24 hours after going for eye lash extensions.

  • Do not go for saunas (body steaming) for at least two days as well as avoid hot streams shower streams hitting your eyes.

  • Avoid wearing eyelash curlers as well as rubbing your eyes too much.

  • If you have to use mascara, then apply it on your tips and not the base of your eyelashes and avoid waterproof mascaras.

  • Avoid using any oil based makeup remover.

  • Reduced frequent visits for saunas, hot springs or steam rooms since heat could weaken your eyelash extensions adhesive bonds.

  • Go for touch up after every 3 weeks depending on your eyelash growth cycle. If it is shorter, you need to go sooner and vice versa.

  • Do not pull your new them, as this will weaken them or even remove the whole eyelash (including your natural eyelash).

  • Another important after care tip is to ensuring you maintain normal eye hygiene. It is normal to fall into the temptation of not wanting to clean your eye area since you do not want to wet your eyelashes.

The above eyelash extensions after care guidelines are very important if you want to have your eye lash extensions last longer. However, if you ignore the above eye lash extensions after care guidelines, nothing bad that will happen, except for the fact that your eyelash extensions will not last long.


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